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Underfloor Heating – Efficient Under Floor Room Heating Systems

Underfloor heating, sometimes referred to as UFH, is a method of heating a room via cables or mats placed beneath the floor. The two main types are electric and warm (also known as ‘wet’). Most underfloor heating solutions are supplied as a complete kit, but separate parts are also available to customise your installation. There are kits to suit most floor types; such as concrete, tiled, vinyl and wood.
Electric Underfloor Heating

Electric Underfloor Heating

Warm Water Underfloor Heating

Warm Water Underfloor Heating


Underfloor Heating: Latest 5 Questions from our Advice Centre

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Components in pack - 17/05/12

Polyplumb underfloor heating choices at heatandplumb

June 17th 2011 Following their success at the annual Plastic Industry Awards, Oscar winner Polypipe has introduced new product packs to the existing range of underfloor heating systems to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to reduce the cost of manufacturing, reduce waste and implement new methods which help to improve quality.

Whatever your budget or current source of heat, Polyplumb have a system to suit your requirements and at we are pleased to support this latest innovation. These latest heating systems provide warmth just where you need it and free up your wall space from unsightly radiators and the flexibility of the product options puts the control in your hands.

The benefits are numerous; a consistently warm and comfortable environment, heating efficiency which makes it both cost-effective and eco-friendly, flexibility of installation anywhere in the home, as well as the freedom to design your room exactly as you want and a family-friendly environment which is safety-conscious. With packs designed for compatibility with solid floors, suspended floors and floating floors as well as component packs to offer a comprehensive product, Polyplumb have recognised the need for consumers to choose a programmer to suit specific requirements and therefore these are now supplied separately.

At we are sure you will be delighted at the dedication to customer care demonstrated by Polyplumb as well as the competitive underfloor heating prices we have to offer; no wonder Polyplumb underfloor heating has gained a reputation for excellence.

Under floor heating: Easy Product Selection at heatandplumb

June 16th 2011 Choosing the most appropriate underfloor heating system can be a daunting and complex process and that’s why at Heatandplumb we have launched a brand new way of shopping to make this as simple and straightforward as possible for our customers.

There are two main types of this system of heating, electric or warm water and both have benefits and suitability for particular applications. This form of central heating uses heat conduction and radiant heat for indoor temperature control which is supplied by circulating heated water or electric cable and can be installed with different types of floor and floor covering. Choosing the most compatible form of heating with floor finishing is vital as the overall operation may be affected.

Our new way of shopping has divided these systems into two categories which contain heating packages compatible with the different types of flooring you may have in your home, such as timber or concrete, as well as identifying the floor surface which includes tiles, vinyl, laminate, carpet or wood. Additionally, the required cables are similarly allocated to the most appropriate choice of flooring and floor covering to offer complete peace of mind when choosing your underfloor heating package.

We stock a wide range of reputable suppliers, too including Polyplumb, Myson and Elements at prices which make underfloor heating an affordable option for your home. Why not take a look online and enjoy the ease of shopping we have to offer to ensure you buy the best when you choose to shop at

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