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Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 630 Condensing Systems Gas Boiler

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  • Brand: Vaillant
  • Manufacturer Reference: 0010011682
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  • Condition: New
  • 2 years guarantee
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Code Description Inc. VAT Excl. VAT
PETEC+630 - NATURAL GAS Vaillant Ecotec Plus 630 Gas Boiler 1,487.40 1,239.50
PETECPLUS630P - Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 630 Condensing Systems LPG Gas Boiler 1,484.47 1,237.06

100mm Diameter Flue Accessories

Vaillant Eco Standard Horiz Flue Duct 91.07 (75.89 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Eco Horiz Flue Kit Telescopic 108.69 (90.58 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Vertical Flue Terminal 60/100 118.48 (98.74 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Ii 90 Degree Elbow 44.06 (36.72 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Ii 45 Degree Bends (Pair) 73.44 (61.20 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Ii 470mm Flue Extension Kit 36.23 (30.19 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Ii 970mm Flue Extension Kit 49.94 (41.62 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Ii 1970mm Flue Extension Kit 88.13 (73.44 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Ii Telescopic Duct Extension 60.71 (50.59 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Ii Telescopic Offset 81.27 (67.73 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Ii Sliding Sleeve 41.13 (34.27 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Flue Support Clips (5) 34.27 (28.56 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Eco Adj Flue Clip (3) 46.02 (38.35 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Eco Black Term Kit For StandarDegree Flue 28.40 (23.66 exc. VAT)

125mm Diameter Flue Accessories

Vaillant Ecomax 1 Meter Standard Degree Flue Kit 125mm 105.75 (88.13 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Eco 125mm Flue Adapter 44.06 (36.72 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Vertical Air/Flue Duct 125mm 150.80 (125.66 exc. VAT)
Vaillant 87 Degree Elbow 125mm Hgh Efficient 55.81 (46.51 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax 45 Degree Bends (Pair) 125mm 101.84 (84.86 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax 470mm Flue Extension Kit 125mm 38.19 (31.82 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax 970mm Flue Extension Kit 125mm 60.71 (50.59 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax 1970mm Flue Ex Kit 125mm 107.71 (89.76 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecomax Sliding Sleeve 125mm 41.13 (34.27 exc. VAT)

Programmers And Timers

Vaillant Ecotec VR65 Control Centre 74.42 (62.02 exc. VAT)
Vaillant VRT360F Wireless Progammer Room Thermostat 134.15 (111.79 exc. VAT)
Vaillant VRC400 WeatHEr Compensator 128.93 (107.44 exc. VAT)
Vaillant Ecotec Switch 140 2Channel Progammer 69.52 (57.94 exc. VAT)

Flashing Kits

High Temperature Silicone

Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Protect your Central Heating System with Magnaclean

Adey MagnaClean Professional 22 mm Black 116.65 (97.21 exc. VAT)

The Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 630 System Boiler is part of a 6-model range of SEDBUK Band A rated system boilers. Each boiler in the range comes with a 2 year warranty, and offers energy-efficient and cost-effective heating.

Please Note - This model can be converted to LPG by using an LPG Conversion Kit. We recommend calling Vaillant for the appropriate instructions required

ecoTEC Plus 630 System Boiler Features

  • Built-in two-stage frost protection
  • Push button-programming along with comprehensive disgnostic information
  • Compatible with the ecoLEVEL Condensate Pump
  • Push-fit flue systems
  • Easy wiring consistent with the whole range of Vaillant products
  • Filling Loop Included
  • Large range of compatible, easy-to-install controls from Vaillant
  • Excellent Siting Flexibility
  • Compact and lightweight for easy installation

ecoTEC Plus 630 System Boiler Specifications

Height (mm) 720
Width (mm) 440
Depth (mm) 369
Central Heating Output (kW) 10.0 - 30.0
Central Heating Output (btu) 34,140 - 102,420

With this boiler, for a standard installation, you will require a standard horizontal flue kit and timeSWITCH 130 Plug In Timer. We have pre-checked these for you for your ease of ordering. Untick if not required and make the selection that you need.

Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 630 Condensing Systems Gas Boiler

Available In Stock

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Vaillant ecoTEC Plus 630 Condensing Systems Gas Boiler

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