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Warmflow INDIRECT Triple Coil Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder 250 LITRE

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  • Reference:
  • Brand: Warmflow
  • Manufacturer Reference: TR250UV
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  • Condition: New
  • 25 years guarantee
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Code Description Inc. VAT Excl. VAT
WFTR250UV - Warmflow INDIRECT Triple Coil Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder 250 LITRE £821.38 £684.48

Pressure Booster Pumps

Salamander Home Boost mains pressure booster pump (HomeBoost) £355.08 (£295.90 exc. VAT)

The Warmflow INDIRECT Triple Coil Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder 250 LITRE is a superb example of an Unvented Triple Coil INDIRECT hot water cylinder, and is part of a collection of Triple Coil indirect Unvented Cylinders from Warmflow

Warmflow Hot Water Cylinder Features

Part L Approved

The Part L approval means this cylinder has passed the minimum requirements of heat insulation, and the heat exchanger (coil) performance will maximise the heat input from your boiler. In short, you will save money on your heating bills when you choose to buy this cylinder.

Seamless Welding

The seamless weld will prolong the life of the cylinder due to the precision robotic welding undertaken at each stage. This is because it provides a Unique patented non-crevice construction design to ensure no water can reside between manufacturing joints.

Duplex Stainless Steel

Not only is Duplex designed to resist all forms of corrosion but its mechanical strength makes it extremely durable. A tough cylinder made from Duplex stainless steel will have properties such as unbeatable strength, toughness, ductility, and corrosion-resistance.

WRAS Approved

The Water Regulation Advisory Scheme approves water fittings and materials to meet the minimum requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 199 in England and Wales. It also conforms to the Water Byelaws 2000 in Scotland and Water Regulations in Northern Ireland.

Efficient Coil-in-Coil Design

The high-efficiency coil-in-coil design of this indirect hot water cylinder results in fast reheating times. It is also possible for a condensing boiler to work in condensing mode for longer, and cycle less frequently when heating the hot water, thereby helping to further reduce fuel use and emissions.

Triple Coil Cylinder with Renewable Coil

The renewable coil (the middle coil) has a large surface area to maximise the use of available low grade heat from a renewable resource. The cylinder thermostats are factory-fitted and an immersion heater is supplied for back-up.

Third Coil for Additional Heat Source

Warmflow Triple Coil models feature a third heat exchanger coil for a further additional heat source. So, for example, the cylinder might be heated by a solar thermal system via the bottom coil, a wood pellet boiler supplying the centre coil and a back-up gas or oil boiler at the top.

1 of the top 3 performing cylinders available in the UK

'Warmflow cylinders Heat Loss and Recover Times are constantly rated in the top 3 performance results, when compared to top manufacturers like Gledhill, Megaflo, RM, Range, Santon, Albion, OSO, Ariston and Telford'. You are certain of buying a quality hot water cylinder when you choose Warmflow.

Produced in UK's most modern manufacturing facility

You can be assured of a top-quality hot water cylinder when you choose a Warmflow thanks to their advanced production techniques. This technology utilises the latest CAD, CAM and sheet metal software on an integrated computer network, allowing production capacity to be increased whilst simultaneously raising quality.

KIWA approved

This directory contains fittings and appliances, which have been tested, evaluated and found to comply with the UK Water Fittings (Water Supply) Regulations 1999. You can be certain of a high quality cylinder that complies with the latest laws and legislation when you choose Warmflow.

Recycled materials used in construction

Warmflow are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and working in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner. Warmflow insulation is also CFC/HCFC-free, has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and a Global Warming Potential of only 2.

Honeywell Diverter Valve

Warmflow only use the best quality parts within their hot water cylinders. One of the biggest and most-respected names in the heating industry, Honeywell, have parts including a diverter valve used within Warmflow hot water cylinders.
Warmflow Cylinder Features

For over 35 years, Warmflow has been one of the leading manufacturers of heating products in the UK. With a reputation for quality design and built-in reliability, it is no wonder why thousands of people choose to install a Warmflow hot water cylinder every year.

Save on your heating bills by choosing to buy a Warmflow hot water cylinder today!

Dimensions and Specifications Table

Dimensional Diagram
(A) Overall height (mm)
Cold water capacity (litres)
(B) Secondary return connection (mm)
Weight when full (kg)
(C) Primary coil upper connection (mm)
Standing heat loss (kWh/24h)
(D) Primary coil lower connection (mm)
Dedicated Renewable Volume
(E) Tertiary coil upper connection (mm)
Primary coil rating @ 15L/min (kW)
(F) Tertiary coil lower connection (mm)
Renewable coil pressure @ 15L/min (kW)
(G) Renewable coil upper connection (mm)
Tertiary coil rating @ 15L/min (kW)
(H) Cold inlet connection (mm)
Primary heat up time (EN12897) (mins)
(J) Renewable coil lower connection (mm)

Components supplied with this cylinder...

  • Inlet group complete with:
    • strainer
    • pressure reducing valve
    • check valve
    • expansion relief valve
    • balanced cold connection

  • Expansion vessel complete with
    • flexible connection hose
    • hanging bracket

  • Incoloy 3kW immersion heater(s)
  • 2-port zone valve
  • Tundish
Supplied Cylinder Components

When specifying a system incorporating any unvented cylinder, including Triple Coil models, it is important to note that:
  • uncontrolled solid fuel appliances must NOT be used
  • gravity circulation is NOT permitted
Controlled solid fuel appliances, such as wood pellet stoves or wood chip boilers, may be used provided their controls are wired through the cylinder thermostat. An additional zone valve may be required.

In instances where an uncontrolled appliance is to be used the cylinder MUST be installed in a vented system (with traditional expansion tank and vent pipe) but the T&P valve should remain fitted.

Warmflow INDIRECT Triple Coil Unvented Stainless Steel Hot Water Cylinder 250 LITRE

Available In Stock

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