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How to choose the right under floor heating system

As under floor heating is becoming increasingly popular builders are realising that they need to provide customers with up to date knowledge on the subject.

The Growing Popularity of Under Floor Heating.

Recently there has been a growing demand for under floor heating systems both from private and commercial sources. People have realised the benefits of under floor heating and are making the choice to have it installed in to their homes. People are recognising the fact that under floor heating saves time and is much more cost efficient than standard radiators.

Under floor heating has another benefit; it is compatible with the standard floor construction regulations, which means that there should be no extra cost when it is being installed. Basically, warm water and electrical under floor heating systems work in similar ways. They both contain a heating element that means heat spreads evenly across the floor. Each type of system has advantages and disadvantages and a number of things must be taken in to consideration before choosing which underfloor heating system is right. Key factors are;
  • The type of building: new build, extension, refurbishment or renovation
  • The existing heating system
  • The budget
  • The type of floor finish
  • The amount of heat output required
Normally, installing electric under floor heating is less disruptive than a warm water system and is generally more suitable for fitting in refurbishment projects. An electric under floor heating system is commonly more expensive to run than a warm water under floor heating system. For a new build project when a new boiler is being installed a warm water system is a better choice because the purchase and running costs are much less. Also this product is much more economical. Also boiler run systems are much more energy efficient, good for the environmentally concerned customer. Under floor heating systems have also been adapted so that they can be connected to a heating system that is already in place, they are simply bolted on.

How much does under floor heating cost?

One of the main concerns when fitting an under floor heating system is the cost of installation and running. Costs are always slightly different because people run their heating in different ways. Generally, an electric system costs around 30-40% more to run than a warm water system. The factors to consider when it comes to underfloor heating are:
  • The decision to select electric or warm water under floor heating systems is based on personal preference, so are the choice of floor covering and the type of building work being undertaken.
  • The costs must be determined by the budget and in the long term which will be more cost effective.
  • It is essential that under floor heating installers are aware of the variety of systems available and the differences between each product.

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