Sewage Treatment - Cutting landfill can improve SMEs profitability

Complying with new landfill directives need not be an additional expense for small businesses and can actually improve profitability, it has been claimed.

Under the terms of EU Landfill Directive, firms are now required to take responsibility for their waste.

This has prompted criticism from some quarters that the extra expense will hamper the growth and profitability of small businesses.

However, according to Envirowise, by being more resource-efficient instead of simplifying buying in the services of an external waste contractor, businesses can find that their bottom line actually improves.

One way of improving waste treatment and cutting outlay to external companies is investing in a waste solution system such as the separator systems from Edincare.

Edincare's range efficiently separate fat, grease and oil produced as part of commercial enterprises, with consequent reduced disposal and recycling costs.

The systems also prevent also prevent drainage pipes from become clogged.


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