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Bette are specialists with over sixty years' experience in providing premium bathroom components, producing high quality bathtubs and shower trays. Innovators in manufacturing their products with purely natural materials, Bette's unique thermoforming process allows them to create units in shapes that are impossible for many brands. With designs that can boast modern appeal while retaining traditional charm, these unique items will fit seamlessly into any home. Their products are especially durable thanks to a special BetteGlaze layer, an ultra-thin titanium-steel coating that strengthens the structure and results in a smooth surface that keeps dirt build-up away. With numerous dimension and configuration options, you can select the ideal model to fulfil your perfect bathroom design. Bette products are protected by generous guarantees, making them one of the most dependable bathroom brands available today.

Who are Bette?

Family-run company Bette were founded in Germany more than half a century ago and continue to be based there today. With an emphasis on bathroom ceramics, particularly baths and shower trays, they have refined their manufacturing technique to the point that they are now able to create items that are impossible for most brands. With customer wellbeing in mind, Bette have eliminated harmful chemicals and solvents from their range to ensure that their beautifully smooth products are completely kind to your skin. Bette are environmentally conscious and their items are 100% recyclable, meaning the usefulness of their products will endure even at the end of their lengthy lifespan. This attitude extends to their manufacturing process; two thirds of the energy used in their factory comes from their own power sources, making them one of the most conscientious brands in bathroom design today. As an extra assurance of their confidence in their products, all Bette ceramic products include a 30 year guarantee.


Bette's range is made of a special titanium-steel compound, known as BetteGlaze. This ultra-thin material is extraordinarily durable, with surfaces harder than marble and also resistant to abrasion and UV rays. In addition to strengthening the unit, BetteGlaze also results in a far smoother surface than traditional materials, greatly reducing dirt build-up thanks to being non-porous, and making it easier to wipe clean. Sturdy while retaining its flexibility, this material is highly versatile and forms an outer shell that Bette are confident will retain its finish for decades, offering a 30 year guarantee with every model. The versatility of BetteGlaze has allowed Bette to create uniquely beautiful designs without having to compromise the durability of their range. In the unfortunate event that something solid falls onto a BetteGlaze surface, this layer gives you the best possible chance of preventing damage. It is highly unlikely that a customer will be able to accidentally scar a Bette product with any of the items usually found in their bathroom.


Since the company's foundation, the focus of Bette's range has been in baths and the company offers an extensive range of tubs in a variety of shapes and sizes. By combining classic style with state of the art manufacturing techniques, Bette are able to design products with unrivalled intricacy and beauty without sacrificing any of the structural integrity of their collection. Their range includes single and double-ended baths, fitted and freestanding units with the option of having pre-drilled tap holes or leaving tap placement in the customer's hands. Part of Bette's design focus is considering how their items will fit into their potential surroundings, creating products that will blend perfectly with whichever space they're chosen to occupy. Every Bette bath features the brand's special BetteGlaze layer, resulting in a bath that possesses extreme durability and is so smooth that it makes cleaning remarkably easy. In addition, each purchase includes a 30 year guarantee, making a Bette bath one that will be part of your home for decades.

Shower Trays

Bette aren't only limited to baths, with a large selection of modern, stylish shower trays that provide a high quality base for your shower unit. Their collection includes both low profile trays, installed barely above ground, and floor trays, which sit flush with the floor for the ultimate walk-in accessibility. Bette are aware of the space concerns held by many customers and offer a large variety of sizes and shapes, ensuring that there's something in their range for every home and customer. With minimalistic design, Bette trays are sure to blend into any overall bathroom design. Every model features BetteGlaze technology, creating strong shower trays that can easily endure the frequent use they are designed for, and are quickly cleaned thanks to their non-porous surface. They are also highly resistant to chemicals, meaning you won't have to worry about damaging them by regularly using cleaning products. Just like their baths, Bette's shower trays include a 30 year guarantee, in the very unlikely event that they suffer any defects.

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