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Bette Comodo Baths

The "Comodo" range from Bette was designed with comfort and ergonomics in mind, creating a bathtub that combines the beauty of a traditional, fitted bath with the latest in manufacturing technology and materials. This design features a unique neck and back area designed to be as comfortable as possible when rested against. This model is available in a few different sizes, helping you fit a stylish bathtub into almost any room, and the generous depth means that even the versions with smaller dimensions still feature generous depth. The "Comodo" collection offers a deep and immersive bathing experience and freedom of movement during use. These baths are supplied without tap holes, offering the greatest amount of customisation possible to truly make your new bath your own and ensure it has the exact appearance and functionality you desire. "Comodo" bathtubs are coated with the manufacturer's signature BetteGlaze, an ultra-thin, smooth layer that means their baths are both tougher and easier to clean. As a mark of Bette's confidence in their products, each unit includes a 30 year guarantee.

Bette Comodo Single Ended Rectangular Bath 1700mm x 750mm 0 Tap Hole
£499.79 RRP: £728.40
SAVE 31%
Bette Comodo Single Ended Rectangular Bath 1800mm x 800mm 0 Tap Hole
£614.94 RRP: £901.20
SAVE 32%
Bette Comodo Single Ended Rectangular Bath 1900mm x 900mm 0 Tap Hole
£774.07 RRP: £1,140.00
SAVE 32%
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