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Bette Duett Baths

The "Duett" collection of double ended baths from Bette combines minimalistic design with innovative materials and a cutting edge manufacturing process. By paring down this design to the bare essentials, Bette have produced a bath that is beautifully sleek while retaining an impressively spacious interior. With a centred outlet on the wall side of the tub and no tap holes, you're free to install whichever taps you like or an overflow bath filler. This also enables two people to share the "Duett" at once, whether you're a couple looking to enjoy a relaxing evening together or a parent looking to make life easier by bathing two children at the same time. This collection features Bette's special BetteGlaze finish, an ultra-thin layer of glazed titanium-steel that prevents heavy dirt build-up and strengthens the tub for added protection against damage. As a sign of Bette's confidence in the "Duett", it includes a 30 year guarantee to protect you against any unfortunate mishaps.

Bette Duett Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1700mm x 750mm 0 Tap Hole
£645.34 RRP: £946.80
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Bette Duett Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1700mm x 800mm 0 Tap Hole
£686.11 RRP: £1,008.00
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