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Bette Duo Baths

Designed with ergonomic curves, the aptly named "Duo" series of double-ended baths from Bette places an emphasis on comfort, featuring integrated armrests that make it easier than ever to relax and read while enjoying a long soak. The location of the waste and overflow, offset on the wall side of the bath makes this tub perfect for sharing by two people, whether you're a couple looking to enjoy a candlelit evening together or simply a parent looking to minimise the drama of cleaning a pair of smaller children. The "Duo" is supplied without pre-drilled tap holes, allowing you to install whichever type you prefer for the appearance you desire. This bathtub boasts Bette's patented BetteGlaze layer, which is an ultra-thin layer composed of titanium-steel with an ultra smooth surface that prevents staining and strengthens the structure of the bath. For extra protection, every Bette "Duo" bathtub includes a 30 year guarantee, a mark of the brand's confidence that their tub is one you can rely on for many years to come.

Bette Duo Double Ended Rectangular Bath 1800mm x 800mm 0 Tap Hole
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