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Bette Hip Baths

This classically styled "Hip" bath from Bette is a beautiful way to save space and water, with compact dimensions that are perfect for smaller bathrooms but with all the depth needed for a complete clean. A shaped step lets you sit upright while bathing, ensuring a comfortable position while cleaning yourself or your children. Bette's "Hip" bath has been a popular choice for decades and its minimalistic appearance means it'll be at home in bathrooms of any size. Being smaller doesn't make this bath any less durable, thanks to the brand's patented BetteGlaze layer, a titanium-steel coating that makes the tub's structure exceptionally strong. This also results in an extremely smooth surface, which both prevents a large amount of dirt build-up and makes it considerably quicker and easier to clean. "Hip" baths are supplied with no pre-drilled tap holes, letting you choose whichever style you like and install them wherever you prefer. With a 30 year guarantee included in every purchase, you have Bette's assurance that your new "Hip" bathtub is one that will last.

Bette Hip Single Ended Rectangular Bath 1180mm X 730mm 0 Tap Hole
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