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Bette Home Baths

With its unique oval shaped design, the double-ended "Home" bathtub from Bette makes a stunning addition to any bathroom. This beautifully symmetrical unit is possible only thanks to Bette's decades of experience in steel reshaping, creating a bathtub that is no less durable for its stylish appearance. The "Home" series adds a touch of luxury to any bathroom. The curved interior of the tub wraps around your body while the generous 450mm depth means you'll be able to fit relax underwater comfortably for a thorough clean. The size and shape of this collection means that it's ideal for a couple looking to share a romantic evening, as well as for parents trying to save time and water by washing two children at once. Thanks to the manufacturer's special BetteGlaze layer of ultra-thin titanium-steel, this is a bathtub that is both exceptionally durable and easier to clean, thanks to its smooth surface. The "Home" collection is supplied without pre-drilled holes, letting you install whichever wall-mounted or freestanding taps you prefer adjacent to the tub. These baths include a 30 year guarantee, affording you complete confidence in the new addition to your bathroom.

Bette Home Double Ended Oval Bath 1800mm x 1000mm 0 Tap Hole
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