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Boiling/Chilled Water Dispensers

It's not just cafes and food businesses which can benefit from having appliances which can provide both boiling and chilled water on demand. Boiled and chilled water dispensers can be used in any sort of office or commercial establishment to provide drinks to staff or customers, without the need to wait for the kettle to boil. As these units are plumbed in and use the mains water supply, they are much more economical than other types of water dispenser which require regular deliveries of expensive bottled mineral water.

Easy to install and even easier to operate, our extensive range of different capacity boiled and chilled water dispensers makes it easy to find the perfect machine for your needs. Most water dispensers come with a 2 year guarantee, and the technology inside the unit ensures that the water is always dispensed at exactly the right temperature. Save time at work and save money too - it's really one of the easiest decisions for any business owner.

Heatrae Sadia Supreme 150 Instant Boiling Water Heater 2.5L
£890.44 RRP: £1,009.56
SAVE 12%
Heatrae Sadia Supreme 165 Instant Boiling Water Heater 5.0L
£1,060.16 RRP: £1,202.00
SAVE 12%
Heatrae Sadia Supreme 180 Instant Boiling Water Heater 7.5L
£1,171.95 RRP: £1,328.74
SAVE 12%
Heatrae Sadia Superchill 25 Wall Mounted
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