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Bristan Cadet Bathroom Taps

Designed to offer a stylish take on a budget design, the Cadet collection of bathroom taps benefit from hot and cold indices as well as a loop handle that is easy to operate. This collection of brassware is also characterised by the deck-mounted mixer taps - great for fixing directly onto a bath - that allow you to co-ordinate your look throughout the home. Don't be fooled by the basic design, these taps have been engineered to the highest specifications and will blend in to any modern bathroom suite with ease. What's more, the products in this collection can operate on as little as 0.2 Bar pressure, ensuring that even those with lower water pressures should be able to reap the design benefits of these taps!

Did You Know? are a Bristan Platinum Partner. As such, we can be trusted to provide you with the very highest quality Bristan products, at the lowest online prices, with free delivery direct to your home!

Bristan Cadet Mono Basin Mixer Tap with Clicker Waste - Chrome
£42.95 RRP: £95.00
SAVE 55%
Bristan Cadet Basin Taps, Pair, Chrome

Bristan Cadet Basin Taps, Pair, Chrome

  • Product StockIn Stock
  • Delivery Icon2 Days
£42.95 RRP: £72.00
SAVE 40%
Bristan Cadet Bath Taps, Pair, Chrome

Bristan Cadet Bath Taps, Pair, Chrome

  • Product StockIn Stock
  • Delivery Icon2 Days
£47.95 RRP: £95.00
SAVE 50%
Bristan Cadet Bath Filler Tap, Deck Mounted, Chrome
£76.95 RRP: £156.00
SAVE 51%
Bristan Cadet Bath Shower Mixer Tap, Pillar Mounted, Chrome
£86.95 RRP: £172.00
SAVE 49%
Bristan Cadet Basin Taps and Bath Taps, Chrome
£87.95 RRP: £167.00
SAVE 47%
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