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Bristan Quadrato Bathroom Taps

When you think of high-end modern design, most think of Italy. That is probably what Bristan's research and development team thought too, because if you type 'square' into Google Translate, you get 'Quadrato'. The Quadrato range of bathroom taps from Bristan are perfect for modern bathrooms - defined by a square body, a square spout and, you guessed it, a square lever handle too! Coloured hot/cold indices on these taps help give them mass market appeal, and their multitude of options ensures that many different types of bathroom can be catered for. These taps carry the Bristan badge, and so you can be sure that you're getting a product that is of the highest quality - so total peace of mind is assured after your purchase.

Did You Know? are a Bristan Platinum Partner. As such, we can be trusted to provide you with the very highest quality Bristan products, at the lowest online prices, with free delivery direct to your home!

Bristan Quadrato Mini Mono Basin Mixer Tap Single Handle Chrome
£91.95 RRP: £164.00
SAVE 44%
Bristan Quadrato Basin Mixer Tap with Eco-Click & Pop-up Waste - Chrome
£92.95 RRP: £185.00
SAVE 50%
Bristan Quadrato Eco Basin Mixer Tap without Waste Chrome
£92.95 RRP: £180.00
SAVE 48%
Bristan Quadrato Basin Taps - Chrome Plated
£92.95 RRP: £169.00
SAVE 45%
Bristan Quadrato Bath Taps - Chrome Plated
£98.95 RRP: £180.00
SAVE 45%
Bristan Quadrato Bidet Mixer Tap with Pop Up Waste - Chrome
£106.95 RRP: £192.00
SAVE 44%
Bristan Quadrato Tall Mono Basin Mixer Tap Single Handle Chrome
£121.95 RRP: £230.00
SAVE 47%
Bristan Quadrato Bath Filler Tap - Chrome
£146.95 RRP: £316.00
SAVE 53%
Bristan Quadrato Basin Taps and Bath Taps, Chrome
£166.95 RRP: £349.00
SAVE 52%
Bristan Quadrato Bath Shower Mixer Tap - Chrome
£189.96 RRP: £382.00
SAVE 50%
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