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Burlington Standard Baths

This collection of standard inset baths from Burlington are the perfect entry-level solution into Burlington's bathing range, and provide you with the most popular shapes and sizes that could also make excellent replacements for an existing bath in a refurbishment. Characterised by an octagonal inner outline, these rectangular baths can be sited in a variety of different ways: in a recess (with 1 front panel), in a corner (with 1 front panel and 1 side panel), in a peninsula arrangement against a single wall (with 1 front panel and 2 end panels) or as an island/freestanding installation (with 2 front panels and 2 end panels). If you're looking to co-ordinate your bath with Burlington bathroom furniture, you'll be pleased to know that bath panels for these models are available in the same colours as the vanity units - White, Sand and Dark Olive. These multi-functional baths can also be installed with grips if you so wish, and are compatible with a range of bath screens if you intend to use them as a dual-purpose bath and shower enclosure.

Burlington Arundel Traditional Rectangular Bath, 1700mm x 750mm, Acrylic
£321.85 RRP: £449.00
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Burlington Arundel Traditional Rectangular Bath, 1700mm x 700mm, Acrylic
£328.94 RRP: £449.00
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