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Carron Halcyon Square Baths

The Halcyon Square collection of freestanding bathtubs from Carron are characterised by their strong, deep soft-square design and ability to stand out in any surrounding, be it modern or traditional; offered in a variety of different finishes including red and black. Part of the Carron range of freestanding baths, models in this collection differ from standard inset baths in that they are completely exposed, and would usually require freestanding or wall-mounted taps to operate. Some bathtubs in this collection include patented Carronite re-inforcement, making them stronger, more durable and warmer for longer than standard acrylic baths on the market. For total peace of mind, these Carronite models are backed by an incredible 30 years warranty from Carron themselves.

Carron Halcyon Square 1750mm x 800mm Freestanding Bath - White Panelling - White
£1,264.19 RRP: £1,843.00
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