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Carron Quantum Baths

Whilst plenty of bathrooms have showers within them, a bath is needed if you are looking to create a family bathroom that works well for your household.

Carron Quantum Baths are a great option for those that need a bath that will stand the test of time. They are made from high quality and durable materials that are ideal for those that want to invest in something functional as well as stylish.

There are a number of different style variations across the entire collection, and the one that you choose will really depend on what you are looking for in your bath.

The Integra baths come in both standard and eco varieties. They are designed to fit perfectly within any bathroom and come in a standard rectangular shape that is ideal for those that need a simple approach to bath time.

For those that are looking for a bath that will work with a shower, then the single ended roptions are going to work perfectly. They are designed to allow you to relax, without losing any space.

If saving space is important for you, then the Carron Quantum Spacesaver Baths are ideal. They are designed to fit into a variety of bathroom spaces and shapes with ease. Making sure that you always have the space you need to bathe.

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