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  • Danfoss Randall FP975 7 Day Full Programmer
  • Danfoss Randall FP975 7 Day Full Programmer
  • Danfoss Randall FP975 7 Day Full Programmer
  • Danfoss Randall FP975 7 Day Full Programmer

Danfoss Randall FP975 7 Day Full Programmer

Reference: PFP975
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The FP975 full programmer offers a direct plug-in replacement to the Danfoss Randall MK9 range (types 922 & 972), the Danfoss Randall SET5, or any other timeswitch or programmer based on the British Gas standard wallplate.

The FP975 is supplied complete with SET wallplates but is designed to also mount directly onto existing MK9 wallplates without the need for wiring changes. Each unit, which when supplied is configured as a SET replacement, can be re-configured as a MK9 replacement by means of a switch on the rear of the unit.
  • Fits SET and MK9 wallplates
  • Ideal for service replacement
  • Industry standard wallplate
  • Convenient user overrides
  • Simple GMT/BST time change
  • AM/PM or 24 hour display
  • Day programme copy facility
  • Built-in programmes
  • Battery back up

Danfoss Randall FP975 7 Day Full Programmer Specs:

DescriptionTwo channel programmer with independent timebase
Output ChannelsIndependent HW and CH
Programmes SelectableOn/Off/Auto/Allday
Pumped or Gravity hot water optionYes
Factory pre-set on/off timeYes
On/Offs per DayUp to 3
Advance overrideYes
+1 Hour OverrideYes
Voltage Rating230 Vac, +/-15%, 50/60Hz
Contact Rating3 (1) A
Switching Action2 x SPDT (voltage free)
Maximum Ambient Temperature45 ° C
Memory Back-upLithium - minimum of 24 hours
Dimensions150 wide x 99 high x 42 deep mm
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