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  • Danfoss RET-BRF RF Room Thermostat and RX-1 Receiver Unit
  • Danfoss RET-BRF RF Room Thermostat and RX-1 Receiver Unit
  • Danfoss RET-BRF RF Room Thermostat and RX-1 Receiver Unit
  • Danfoss RET-BRF RF Room Thermostat and RX-1 Receiver Unit

Danfoss RET-BRF RF Room Thermostat and RX-1 Receiver Unit

Reference: P087N727600
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RET B-RF is a battery powered room thermostat that offers the advantage of an easy to use setting dial plus the convenience of an LCD to display temperature.

A wireless model, the RET B-RF is an ideal product in the upgrade and replacement market since it only requires a two-wire connection.

Styled upon the RMT and RET room thermostat range, RET B-RF provides accurate electronic temperature control without the need for an external power supply. The design utilises a micro-processor which, as well as providing accurate temperature control, also drives a small LCD display which, during normal operation, displays actual room temperature and which changes briefly, to show setting temperature, whenever the setting knob is moved.

The micro-processor design also brings with it many sophisticated functions not normally found within such a thermostat. These include optional chrono-proportional regulation and cycle rate adjustment, heat or cool operation, compressor delay timer if cooling operation is selected and Fahrenheit or Centigrade temperature scale.
  • Modern stylish design
  • Battery driven, electronic accuracy
  • Large, easy to use setting dial
  • LCD displays set temperature and actual temperature
  • Wallplate contruction for ease of installation
TypeRET B-RF + RX1
DescriptionBattery powered room thermostat with setting dial, LCD display and low battery indicator. Includes RX1.
Temperature Range5 - 30 ° C
Chrono-proportional or on/off control optionYes
OperationHeat or cool operation, including compressor time delay. Compressor time delay only available if thermostat is set to cool operation.
Selectable °C or °FYes
Contact Rating10-250 Vac, 50/60Hz, 3(1)A
Switch Type1 x SPDT
Transmitter Frequency433.92 MHz
Transmitter Range30 metres max.
Please ensure there are no large metal objects between the thermostat and reciever as this will interfere with radio signal.
Power Supply2 x AA/LR6/MN1500 alkaline batteries
Max. Ambient Temp.45 ° C
Dimensions85 wide x 86 high x 42 deep mm



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