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Deva Modern Bathroom Taps

Deva's collection of contemporary bathroom taps has so much variety that you'll feel spoilt for choice as you search for the ideal look and functionality for your new bathroom. Whether you prefer the familiar feel of cross taps or the modern look of a single lever mixer, the options are numerous. Deva offer a wide range of spouts, from the angular "Savvi" to the rounded "Swoop" and the relaxing flow offered by the "Sparkle" waterfall collection is a beautiful addition to any bathroom trying to capture a natural feel. Many of these taps are available as a "mini mono", which are versions that are as much as 20% smaller than their regular counterparts with no loss of water flow, ideal for fitting into less spacious homes. The majority of Deva's range is also compatible with their water saving tap flow regulators, which greatly reduce your amount of water waste with no loss of pressure.

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