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Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows

Knock Knock.....

Come on in and look around at our impressive collection of doors and windows.

So many choices. So many styles. So many different types of Wood.

Ash interior doors set off a wonderful warm feeling throughout your home and are available in a huge range of sizes to fit almost anywhere.

Perfect for double doors or room dividers, we have an array of Hardwood doors which feature 2 panels, 4 panels or 6 panels, or for rooms requiring more light, beautiful glass panels.

From well managed sources we can offer you a variety of doors fashioned from the truly bewitching Hemlock wood, or in every style imaginable we can blow your mind with the sheer beauty of good old solid oak.

Never ever out of date is another favourite classic, the forever young Pine and also the slightly darker but warmer Pitch Pine.

We have the cosy Farmhouse feel of the Redwood and the simply irresistible classic Walnut.

A lesser known exotic wood also called Millettia Laurentii but recognised more by its name Wenge (Wen-ghay) provides an eye-catching contrast of both dark and light wood combined.

We can also offer you an extensive choice of over a hundred interior doors that have been quality primed and given a bright fresh white finish.

Our External doors can be found both double and triple glazed, folding or sliding and with such flexibility you can either bring the outdoors well and truly indoors or simply just allow more sunlight to flood into your home.

Mixing beauty with durability, we have an amazing range of UPVC Windows and Doors made with such quality that we can happily say... Buy, Fit and Forget.

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