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EHC Electric Boilers

The Electric Heating Company – or EHC – is one of the UK’s foremost heating and hot water manufacturers, and we’re delighted to stock some of their best boilers. Particularly innovative is the “Slim Jim” group of boilers, a product range which is designed to bring you efficiency and performance but in a boiler designed to be as narrow as possible – perfect for squeezing into those awkward spaces. Available in a range of capacities from 4 kW to 14.4kW, the Slim Jim is the narrowest boiler around at only 203mm. We also offer combinations of the Slim Jim boiler and a hot water cylinder.

Also available from EHC is the Comet range of boilers, a more traditionally sized unit in capacities up to 24 kW and designed to keep plumbing work to a minimum as no flue is required. This type of boiler can be used to provide just heat, or both heat and hot water, and can also be used for underfloor heating. It’s also very economic to run. Efficient and easy to use, these boilers are a popular choice with homeowners and residential landlords alike.

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