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Elegance Traditional Towel Rails

The range of traditional towels from Abacus Direct offer styles of a bygone era to those with period homes. Whether you are looking for a traditionally-styled towel rail with ball joints, or something with a radiator insert for increased heat output, Abacus offer the best in traditional design, mixed with modern efficiencies and technologies. Some of the stunning models in this range include the Farthing and Shilling rails, with the Crown freestanding model a personal favourite. All models in the traditional range would be suited to the traditional valve from Abacus to complete the period look.

Elegance Farthing Traditional Heated Towel Rail 674mm H x 674mm W Chrome
£184.36 RRP: £339.00
SAVE 46%
Elegance Shilling Traditional Heated Towel Rail 950mm H x 600mm W Chrome
£188.78 RRP: £348.00
SAVE 46%
Elegance Half Sovereign Radiator Heated Towel Rail 960mm H x 500mm W White/Chrome
£251.46 RRP: £465.00
SAVE 46%
Elegance Sovereign Radiator Heated Towel Rail 940mm H x 674mm W White/Chrome
£263.77 RRP: £489.00
SAVE 46%
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