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Find a Tradesman

We are often asked by our customers if we are able to recommend installers for the items they have purchased. Whilst we are not directly affiliated with any installers, we are aware of a few websites that can help our customers in the right direction. Please be aware that for some items specialist knowledge, training and certification is required in order to correctly and legally install them. Common purchases that require specialist tradesmen include unvented cylinders, gas boilers and oil boilers.

OFTEC respresents the interests of users of oil-fired appliances and establishes the standards for competency within this sector. If you have purchased an oil-fired heating appliance then it needs to be installed by an OFTEC registered tradesman. By clicking the logo opposite, you will be taken to the OFTEC website where you can search for local engineers.

Find a Gas Safe-Approved InstallerFIND A LOCAL GAS SAFE ENGINEER
The Gas Safe Register is an official list of engineers who are qualified to work safely and legally with gas appliances. If you have purchased an item such as a gas boiler, it must be installed by a competent Gas Safe engineer by law. By clicking the logo oposite, you will be taken to the official site of the Gas Safe Register where you can search for local installers.

HETAS is the only recognised approval scheme for installers of solid fuel and biomass heating appliances. All installers who are HETAS-approved have been assessed by the body and are confirmed as being competent. By clicking the logo opposite, you will be taken to the HETAS official website where you can search for a local installer of solid fuel appliances.


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