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  • Firebird Enviromax Condensing Combi Oil Boiler 20kW
  • Firebird Enviromax Condensing Combi Oil Boiler 20kW
  • Firebird Enviromax Condensing Combi Oil Boiler 20kW
  • Firebird Enviromax Condensing Combi Oil Boiler 20kW

Firebird Enviromax Condensing Combi Oil Boiler 20kW

Reference: CCO020DLX
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A Firebird Enviromax Combi Oil Boiler provides both your domestic hot water and central heating water in a single appliance. All Firebird Combi Boilers are fitted with a condensate pump. This space saving system saves you the cost and space associated with separate hot water tanks and the water tanks and piping needed in the roof space for other systems. However you should first ask your installer to measure your mains water supply and pressure, as well as your domestic hot water requirements to ensure they are suitable for the Firebird Enviromax Combi system.

The Enviromax Combi Oil Boiler from Firebird will not only make a contribution towards reducing global warming, but will dramatically increase the money in your pocket due to the condensing properties of this oil boiler range.

20kW BOILER / 68,280 BTU BOILER / 14 Litres Hot Water Per Min.

Firebird Combi Oil Boiler Features

  • Sedbuk Band A.
  • Part L Compliant.
  • Easy Clean Baked On Polyester
  • Coated Casing Makes The Boiler Ideal Choice For Either The Kitchen Or Utility Room.
  • High Build Quality.
  • All Combi Boilers Fit Under Standard Work Surface And Provides Front Service Access.
  • Unique Electronic Facility Controls Both Water Temperature And D.H.W. Flow Using Accurate Thermistors.
  • Riello Rdb 2.2 Low Nox Burner.
  • Fully Insulated And Acoustically Designed For Ultra Quiet Operation.
  • INCLUDES Condensate Pump
  • Instant Mains Pressure Hot Water At The Turn Of A Tap.
  • Rapid Re-Heat After Hot Water Draw-Off.
  • Sealed System Installation.
  • No Time-Wasting Attic Pipework.
  • Low Pressure Switch.
  • Twin Grundfos Pumps.
  • Integral Filling Loop.
  • Isolating Valve Fitted To Mains Feed And Return Connections.
  • Optional Time Programmer.

Firebird Combi Oil Boiler Technical / Dimensions (see diagram above)

CCO020DLX 20 173 845 670 605 750 220 155
Click Here for Further Technical Specifications

Firebird Oil Boiler Flue Considerations

Firebird Low Level Flues (see above)
This flue type is the most common. A low level balanced flue kit can be connected to the back of a firebird boiler or left or right side of the boiler. If you are intending to add a plume dispersal kit, firebird 20kW, 26kW and 35kW Boilers need to order the 'Plume Dispersal Balanced Flue Starter Kit' instead of a low level flue kit.
For maximum flue extensions and here
Firebird High Level Flues (see above)
For flueing from the top of the boiler. All Firebird High Level Balanced Flue Kits Contain Boiler Adapter, 1000mm Long Flue Extension, 90Degree Flue Bend, and a 500mm Long Flue Terminal.
For further flue information and here
Firebird Vertical Flues (see above)
For flueing vertcially from the top of the boiler. A Firebird 3m Vertical Balanced Flue Kit contain Boiler Adaptor, 2 x 1000mm Flue Extensions and Roof Terminal 1000mm Long.
For further flue information and here
Firebird Plume Dispersal Flues (see above)
When choosing a plume dispersal kit, you will notice that the diameter a plume dispersal kit is different to that of the balanced flue. This is because, a balanced flue kit has an outer tube and an inner tube. A plume dispersal kit fits to this inner tube. 125mm balanced fits 80mm Plume, 150mm Balanced fits 100mm Plume and 185mm Balanced fits 125mm Plume.
For maximum flue extensions and here
Firebird Conventional Flues
Conventional flue kits are an amazing way to convert an existing chimney to take your exhaust gases away with your new firebird oil boiler.
For maximum flue extensions and here

Firebird Boiler Guarantees

2 Yr Parts Guarantee
2 Yr Labour Guarantee
5 Yr Exchanger Guarantee
Conversion to 35 Second Oil / Red Diesel (2 Week Lead Time)
  • Firebird Conversion Kit

    Firebird Conversion Kit(Conversion-Kit)

    £85.80 (£71.50 exc. VAT)
Firebird Enviromax Flue Kits and Extensions
Protect your Central Heating System with Magnaclean
Pressure Booster Pumps
  • Salamander Home Boost mains pressure booster pump

    Salamander Home Boost mains pressure booster pump(FTHOMEBOOST)

    £355.08 (£295.90 exc. VAT)
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