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Firebird Multifuel Stoves

This classy range of multifuel inset stoves from Firebird includes models suitable for backboilers as well as stand-alone room heaters, meaning there is sure to be a model to suit your property. With a compact design that will fit in to any standard fireplace recess, these glass-fronted stoves are designed to burn solid multifuels such as coal or wood; all units benefit from excellent efficiencies. Furthermore, all models in this range come fully approved and recommended by HETAS, the official body to oversee solid fuel appliances and servicing in the UK.

Firebird Multifuel Inset Dry Stove, 6.9kW, Black
£785.65 RRP: £1,595.16
SAVE 51%
Firebird Multifuel Inset Dry Stove, 8.2kW, Black
£838.12 RRP: £1,728.09
SAVE 52%
Firebird Multifuel Inset Backboiler Stove, 12kW, Black
Firebird Multifuel Inset Backboiler Stove, 16kW, Black
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