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HiB Bathroom Basins

Compact, stylish and practical, HiB offer a selection of beautiful mineral marble washbasins to fit any size room. Whether you're drawn to the round 'Saville', the angular 'Metro' or the corner fitting 'Temoli', you'll find a minimalistic basin for your contemporary bathroom. HiB wall brackets feature built-in rails to make the most of your space and ensure that you can always have a towel nearby.

HiB Temoli Washbasin 280mm Wide x 330mm Deep
£164.89 RRP: £212.00
SAVE 22%
HiB Delta Washbasin 400mm Wide x 220mm Deep
£92.35 RRP: £111.00
SAVE 17%
HiB Metro Washbasin 440mm Wide x 250mm Deep
£146.94 RRP: £187.00
SAVE 21%
HiB Lugo Washbasin 440mm Wide x 300mm Deep
£153.41 RRP: £196.00
SAVE 22%
HiB Murcia Washbasin 420mm Wide x 300mm Deep
£153.41 RRP: £196.00
SAVE 22%
HiB Solo Ocean Wall Hung Washbasin 110mm High x 400mm Wide
£92.35 RRP: £111.00
SAVE 17%
HiB Saville Washbasin 450mm Wide x 300mm Deep
£174.95 RRP: £226.00
SAVE 23%
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