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Hudson Reed Ceylon Radiators

The Ceylon collection of Hudson Reed radiators are designed to make a big and bold statement with their vertical design, a perfect way to utilise any dead wall space and make it efficient. They are available in a choice of two colours: a high gloss white finish, or a high gloss black finish, giving you the choice and catering to your needs as Hudson Reed typically do. The Hudson Reed Ceylon radiators are constructed from aluminium, compared to the standard mild steel skeleton of typical radiators. The aluminium body results in the Hudson Reed Ceylon radiator not only being lightweight and therefore easier to transport and fit, but it also results in it having superior heat outputs due to its fantastic ability to retain heat. The Hudson Reed Ceylon radiators allow you to warm your bathroom and towels in style, but at an amazing price. Complete also with a 20 year guarantee, you can have absolute peace of mind knowing that Hudson Reed are supplying you with a hard-wearing, yet on trend, Ceylon radiator and towel rail.

Hudson Reed Ceylon Aluminium Designer Vertical Radiator 1800mm H x 370mm W White
£420.95 RRP: £855.00
SAVE 51%
Hudson Reed Ceylon Aluminium Designer Vertical Radiator 1800mm H x 370mm W Black
£435.95 RRP: £855.00
SAVE 49%
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