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Hudson Reed Cloud 9 Bathroom Taps

The Hudson Reed Cloud 9 bathroom taps are aesthetically pleasing and will add a touch of elegance and modernity to any bathroom suite. Made from top quality brass and plated in highly durable chrome, it's no wonder they come to you with a 20 year guarantee. They are built to last and will not let you down. There is the Hudson Reed Mono Basin Mixer with a push button waste and there is the Hudson Reed bath filler taps. The Hudson Reed bath filler taps have two elegant and classy lever handles that give you effortless and easy operation, making your bathing time hassle-free and an enjoyable experience every single time. The Hudson Reed Cloud 9 bathroom taps can also be paired with matching showers, enabling you to harmonise your bathroom and create a soothing and satisfying sanctuary.

Hudson Reed Cloud 9 Mono Basin Mixer Tap Single Handle with Push Button Waste - Chrome
£106.95 RRP: £156.00
SAVE 31%
Hudson Reed Cloud 9 Bath Filler Tap Pillar Mounted - Chrome
£197.95 RRP: £242.00
SAVE 18%
Hudson Reed Cloud 9 Mono Basin Mixer Tap and Bath Filler Tap, Chrome
£303.95 RRP: £398.00
SAVE 24%
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