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Hudson Reed Eton Radiators

The Hudson Reed Eton range of radiators offer you a timeless design that won't ever let you down or go out of style. With their chrome finish and bold, largely spaced apart lines, you can make a statement in the most sophisticated manner. Available also is the Hudson Reed Eton Electric, which are pre-filled with electric inhibitor solution that helps to protect the internal walls of the radiator, they also have the heating element pre-installed, meaning less hassle for you as Hudson Reed have got it all covered. The Hudson Reed Eton heated towel rails are available in two different sizes: H1200 x W450mm and H1200 x W600mm, meaning they have carefully chosen the sizes to make in this suburb range of bathroom heating and are giving you the chance to make you stylish stamp in your suite, whatever your spacial requirements are. Add a touch of pure class to your suite with the assurance that Hudson Reed are giving you a 20 year guarantee.

Hudson Reed Eton Heated Towel Rail 1200mm H x 450mm W Chrome
£139.95 RRP: £242.00
SAVE 42%
Hudson Reed Eton Heated Towel Rail 1200mm H x 600mm W Chrome
£153.95 RRP: £285.00
SAVE 46%
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