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Hudson Reed Memoir Grey Bathroom Furniture

The Hudson Reed range of Memoir bathroom furniture in a sophisticated grey finish allows you to stand out from the rest with its contrast to the usual white furniture. Warming and contemporary, make a statement with your furniture. Capture the ultimate feeling of luxury with the Hudson Reed Memoir grey furniture that gives you the choice of two basin styles, allowing you flexibility and freedom. Available in wall0hung or free-standing, for when space is at a premium, there really is a choice for all sizes of bathrooms. Everyone wants a clean and tidy bathroom, so why not do it in style but without the designer price tag? With a 5 year guarantee, you can relish in the knowledge that you've got style and security, as Hudson Reed know how a suite should be.

Hudson Reed Memoir WC Toilet Unit, 500mm Wide, Gloss Grey
£136.95 RRP: £231.00
SAVE 41%
Hudson Reed Memoir Back to Wall WC Toilet Unit 500mm Wide Grey
£151.95 RRP: £258.00
SAVE 41%
Hudson Reed Memoir Tall Storage Unit, 350mm Wide, Gloss Grey
£190.95 RRP: £349.00
SAVE 45%
Hudson Reed Memoir Tall Storage Cupboard, 350mm Wide, Gloss Grey
£204.95 RRP: £390.00
SAVE 47%
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