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Impey Toilet Plinths

For wheelchair users and others with mobility difficulties, it can be difficult to use conventional toilets due to their height. Impey's toilet plinths are designed to account for this by raising the height of your toilet, making it easier to transfer to and from a wheelchair or standing position. With these plinths, you can adapt a bathroom to be friendlier to disabled users without the need for purchasing an entirely new toilet. Impey's plinths are non-intrusive and will connect seamlessly to your toilet bowl for a discreet solution to your needs. Back to wall variants are also available, to ensure that your improved toilet fits perfectly into your bathroom. Impey's toilet plinths are protected by a year long guarantee, a mark of their reliability during and after installation.

Impey Toilet Plinth 100mm to Raise Toilet
Impey Toilet Plinth 50mm to Raise Toilet
Impey Toilet Plinth 75mm to Raise Toilet
Impey Back to Wall Toilet Plinth 100mm
Impey Back to Wall Toilet Plinth 75mm
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