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Impey Wet Room Glass Panels

To complete your wet room with a touch of luxury, Impey's collection of stylish glass panels are available in a variety of sizes and finishes that you can be proud to make part of your home. Impey panels can be purchased with three different glass finishes: plain, satin and modesty that offer style or privacy to suit your needs. A plain finish is entirely transparent, while satin is completely frosted; modesty combines both, with a frosted strip across the middle to retain your privacy while still being able to see our of your shower. All panels also feature Impey's special "Aqua Shield", a microscopically thin, easy-clean layer that strengthens the glass while also resulting in a remarkably smooth surface that retains dirt far less than other screens. Testing has found that "Aqua Shield" reduces limescale and grime build-up by as much as 70%, all without dulling the panel's original sparkle.

With a range of different designs, whether you want an enclosed unit or a walk through, there's something in Impey's collection for every home and each model is created with ease of installation in mind. Impey offer screens in a variety of shapes and sizes but also allow for bespoke cut-to-length options so you can have the ideal screen for your wet room. Whether you prefer the chunkier design of the "Aqua-Screen Clear" or the more minimalistic "Aqua-Screen Pure" with its sleek stabilising bars, there's a style for every home. Impey include a lifetime watertight guarantee with every wet room screen, letting you have confidence that their products are made to last.

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