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Insignia Steam and Shower Cabins

Why not splash out a bit for a shower that's heavenly with each and every experience? That's exactly what you'll be getting from one of our Insignia Steam and Shower Cabins. With a sleek, futuristic appearance, our Insignia Shower Cabins also have features that will let you take a giant leap into the future. Internal hydro-massage jets will massage every portion of your body, making you deeply relaxed and giving relief in any sore spots. An overhead monsoon rain shower is a further boost to relaxation, while you can even sit down for a comfier shower. But a word of warning -the built-in FM radio may lead to terrible singing!

Our steam cabins have similar features, with the addition of being able to sit down and sweat it out in lovely warm steam. It's like having a sauna inside your home, giving you all the benefits without having to travel further than your bathroom. It also includes the unique Aromatherapy Modular Injection system (AMI), which introduces a special blend of natural oils directly into the steam for an innovative experience within an enclosed space.

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