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InSinkErator Air Switches

A world leader in food waste disposal units, InSinkErator's products are known their quality and efficiency. The units work by effortlessly grinding down food waste into a fine powder that can then be easily disposed of down your drain, and this smooth operation extends all the way up to the air switch that operates each unit.

Air switches are designed to allow you to safely switch a food disposal unit on and off without having to go near the unit itself. The unique setup of the air switch eliminates the risk of electric shock. It does this by using air pressure generated by the simple push instead of using electricity. The air travels down tubing that connects the switch to the unit, turning on the unit's power source. The switch can be mounted on the countertop, removing the need for an electric switch on a nearby wall. This is particularly as a food disposal unit will be with your kitchen sink and you could have wet hands.

For a clever and safe way to operate an InSinkErator food waste disposal unit, you should take a look at our range of air switches below.

InSinkErator 64452 Air Switch Button with Bellows
InSinkErator 75430 Air Switch Button with Bellows
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