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  • InSinkErator Model 46AS Food Waste Disposer
  • InSinkErator Model 46AS Food Waste Disposer
  • InSinkErator Model 46AS Food Waste Disposer
  • InSinkErator Model 46AS Food Waste Disposer

InSinkErator Model 46AS Food Waste Disposer

Reference: ISE77969H
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Worried about food waste, but not sure what to do about it in your home? Why not install an InSinkErator Food Waste Disposer? This 46A S model is a practical solution to a environmental issue.

It takes any food waste and grinds it into tiny particles that can then by flushed away down the drain and into the sewage system.

Designed to be used in flats or apartments. This entry level model is easy to install and start using. It features no blades, therefore is safe and also will grind and dispose of the food that it is placed inside both quickly and quietly.

Clean, hygienic and permanent. This product can be fitted to most sinks and thanks to its compact size can fit underneath without taking up too much space. In no time at all, you will wonder what you did before you had a food waste disposer in your home.

Comes complete with a 2 year guarantee and a quick lock mounting assembly.

InSinkErator model 77969H 46AS Food Waste Disposer Features:

  • Food waste is ground into particles and flushed away in seconds
  • Clean, hygienic, convenient and simple to use
  • Easy method to manage food waste in the home, saving you time and helping to minimise trips to the outside dustbin
  • Permanent in-house solution that is compact and sits under the sink without taking up valuable storage
  • Easy to install into new or existing kitchens and can be fitted to most sinks
  • Built-in air switch in chrome and brushed nickel
  • Environmentally responsible, helping reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill sites
  • 1-stage grind technology
  • Quick Lock mounting assembly for faster, easier installation
  • 2 Year guarantee by manufacturer

InSinkErator model 77969H 46AS Food Waste Disposer Video:

InSinkErator model 77969H 46AS Food Waste Disposer Specifications:

Type of Feed Continuous
On/Off Control Wall switch
Motor Single Phase
Time Rating Intermittent
Lubrication Permanently Lubricated Upper & Lower Bearings
Height 318mm
Width 168mm
Grind Technology 1-Stage Grind Technology
Grind Chamber Capacity 980 ml
Motor Protection Manual Reset Overload
Average Water Usage Approximately 4.0 L Usage per Person per Day
Average Electrical Usage 3-4 KWH per Annum
Drain Connection 1-1/2"
Dishwasher Drain Connection Yes
Material Stainless steel
Finish Black
Weight 7.7 kg
EAN Barcode 00601577833390
Manufacturer Part Number 77969H

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