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Lakes Classic Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosures are one of the most popular ways of adding a shower into your home. Designed to fit easily into the corner of any room, modern shower enclosures can be either square or rounded, depending on what sort of space you are fitting the shower into, and your personal preferences. In our range of Lakes Classic shower enclosures you'll find square, quarter circle and elongated shower enclosures for an even more luxurious showering experience.

Lakes shower enclosures have been designed with attention to detail and quality, and this is reflected in their classic lines and design features. The simplicity of the design style makes it easy to fit this type of shower enclosure into any family home. They're easy to install too, however limited the space is which you have available at home. Any of the Lakes Classic range of shower enclosures comes with an extensive guarantee, and will effortlessly bring your home up to date as well as giving you additional showering options.

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