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MHS Period Cast Iron Radiators

This collection of period cast iron radiators from MHS encompasses a wide range of sizes and styles with traditional, intricate detailing. These models are supplied with a primer finish, meaning they're ready for painting in whichever colour you prefer. The "Liberty" is styled with classic Victorian design elements and the addition of scrolled relief patterns means it becomes a true centrepiece in any room. For a more modern take on a classic look, the "Clasico" has a sleeker shape but the same level of beauty in its cast iron construction. This blend of styles makes it perfect for mixing with a wide array of traditional and modern aesthetics, creating many design possibilities for your home. The "Burlington" has the most purely vintage look, designed for installation in refurbished properties or new builds with traditional styling. These radiators are delivered assembled and ready to be installed and the great variety of sizes means that you're sure to find ideal choice for rooms of any dimensions and design aesthetic. There are wall mounted and floor standing variations available, adding even more variety to your selection. All MHS radiators include 10 year guarantees, in keeping with the brand's dedication to high quality manufacturing and their commitment to customer care.

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