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MHS Towel Rails

MHS know that heated towel rails are one of the most popular features of any modern bathroom and the brand have dedicated themselves to creating a range that is both stylish and highly effective. This range includes central heating, dual fuel and electric models to fit the needs of any home heating system and adapt to your lifestyle requirements. Whether you want to easily add a radiator to your existing central heating or install an electric heater in a room with no pipework, there's something in the MHS collection for everyone. The contemporary "Square" models boast clean, stainless steel square tubes that will fit comfortably in any modern bathroom. The "Oval" features a similar overall design but with less angular, oval shaped tubes for a modern, sophisticated look. "Neos" rails take modernity to the next level thanks to a flat profile that fits beautifully against your wall. Their exceptional style and excellent value make "Neos" towel rails an ideal choice in new and renovated properties. The "Climber" features a number of rails, positioned with plenty of space to hang and dry several towels while also heating your bathroom. MHS have so much confidence in their range of heated towel rails that they include a 20 year guarantee with every purchase, meaning their products are ones you will be able to depend on for many years to come.

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