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Heat and Plumb Payment Options

Payment Options

We accept a multitude of payment options on our website, allowing you to shop the way you want. Whether you are paying online through one of our payment processing partners or ordering on the phone with one of our trained sales team, you can rest assured that your personal information is safe at all times. For further information on how we protect you, please check out our Secure Ordering page that is dedicated to explaining this.

Payment via Credit/Debit Card
If you're ordering online or over the telephone, our prefered method of payment is via debit or credit card. For this, we use a payment processing company called SagePay. It is similar to using a card machine in a physical store, and ensures that no details are ever stored by ourselves. This is our favoured method of accepting payment. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to accept payments on American Express cards.

Payment via PayPal
Some customers prefer to use their PayPal account to pay for their orders - and so we offer this service at no extra expense. You can either pay using funds currently in your PayPal account, or using your credit/debit card in a similar process to the SagePay method listed above.

Payment via Bank Transfer
For certain orders, particularly larger value ones, we prefer receiving payment via bank transfer. If you would like to pay the balance of your order via this method, please give us a call and we can send you further information on the method, including our bank details.

Payment over the Phone
We realise that some people still have reservations about inputting their credit card information into websites, and that is why we offer a service where we can take payment for your order over the telephone. If you ring up prior to placing your order, a salesperson can walk you through the entire checkout process and place the order on your behalf. Alternatively, you can place the order yourself on our website and then select the Telephone Sales option when choosing a payment method. Give us a call, quoting your order number, and we'll take payment for you there and then!

Failed Payments
If your payment has failed - do not worry - it happens more often than you might think! Many banks view home improvement retailers as being at a high risk of fraudulent transactions, and purchases on our website will generally be of a higher value than your usual spending levels. Due to these factors, your bank may reject the payment and place a stop on your card. In these circumstances, we recommend calling your bank and following their procedures for getting your card unblocked. Once you are ready to make the payment again, give us a call and we will take payment on your existing order.

Multiple Payments
For particularly large orders, you may prefer to settle the balance of your order by paying from multiple sources. We are able to take payments for larger orders on multiple cards, for example. Give us a call if you wish to pay this way on your existing order and we'll walk you through the steps.

Buying on Finance
We do not currently offer a package that allows our customers to pay on finance. Some competitors offset the cost of setting up finance agreements by offering products at increased prices. We prefer to keep our selling prices as low as possible, giving you the best deal at all times.