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Premier Kitchen Sinks

When a deep and thorough wash is what you seek, choose a unit from our Premier Kitchen Sinks collection. Designed by one of the leading UK manufacturers in bathroom and kitchen units, these angular kitchen sinks have been designed with exceptionally deep basins for the modern family. From the everyday washing right through to cleaning the baby off after a mud bath, these hard wearing sink units are crafted for installation below the table line and hold a considerable measurement of warm, soapy water each time.

Available in a variety of different sizes and shapes including a double bowl for extra washing space, these sinks make for a beautiful addition to any kitchen with a longevity that promises they will continue to look as beautiful in many years to come. Choosing a Premier means you choose excellent craftsmanship and design every time so next time you're searching for the ideal kitchen sink, look no further than our wide range right here.

Premier Westminster Ceramic Kitchen Sink, 1.0 Bowl, White
£196.95 RRP: £280.00
SAVE 30%
Premier Bandon Butler Kitchen Sink 2.0 Bowl White - 0 Tap Hole
£269.95 RRP: £326.00
SAVE 17%
Premier Staffordshire Ceramic Kitchen Sink, 1.0 Bowl, White
£194.95 RRP: £301.00
SAVE 35%
Premier Oxford Ceramic Kitchen Sink, 1.0 Bowl, White
£234.95 RRP: £409.00
SAVE 43%
Premier Athlone Ceramic Kitchen Sink, 2.0 Bowl, White
£251.95 RRP: £452.00
SAVE 44%
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