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Premier Radiators

Traditional design styling is at the heart of the Regency range. A fantastic modern choice available in white or black as well as horizontal and vertical configurations. The 5 year guarantee is a sure sign of the quality of the manufacture making the Regency range an excellent choice.

Premier Colosseum 2 Column Vertical Radiator 1800mm H x 335mm W - White
£135.12 RRP: £235.00
SAVE 43%
Premier Colosseum 2 Column Horizontal Radiator 600mm H x 650mm W - White
£148.45 RRP: £238.00
SAVE 38%
Premier Infrared Heating Panel 350 Watts - White
£161.95 RRP: £323.00
SAVE 50%
Premier Infrared Heating Panel 500 Watts - White
£186.95 RRP: £381.00
SAVE 51%
Premier Colosseum 2 Column Vertical Radiator 1800mm H x 425mm W - White
£196.95 RRP: £296.00
SAVE 33%
Premier Infrared Heating Panel 800 Watts - White
£227.95 RRP: £472.00
SAVE 52%
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