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Premier Saturn Bathroom Furniture

Design the bathroom of your dreams with our range of Premier Saturn Bathroom Furniture presented to you from Designed to appeal to the minimalistic enthusiast and those who seek exceptional craftsmanship every time, these striking units slip elegantly into any bathroom and pair well with other existing lines.

Presented in contemporary white gloss and finished in chrome - a metal type known to be a strong contender in the bathroom industry - these attractive units not only boast functional design but also promise to look as good today as they will in many years to come. Priced competitively to ensure you can create the bathroom of your dreams, even on a budget, and crafted by one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom furniture in the UK, look no further than the Premier Saturn Bathroom Furniture collection when you next decide to give your beloved bathroom a much-needed facelift.

Premier Saturn WC Unit with Concealed Cistern 500mm Wide - Gloss White
£86.95 RRP: £130.00
SAVE 33%
Premier Saturn Combination Furniture Pack 400mm Vanity Unit 500mm WC Unit 1 Tap Hole
£189.95 RRP: £339.00
SAVE 44%
Premier Saturn Combination Furniture Pack with Round Basin and WC Unit - 1 Tap Hole
£199.95 RRP: £386.00
SAVE 48%
Premier Saturn Combination Furniture Pack with Square Basin and WC Unit - 1 Tap Hole
£243.95 RRP: £403.00
SAVE 39%
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