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Premier Shipton Stone Grey Bathroom Furniture

Build the bathroom you've always wanted with our collection of Premier Shipton Stone Grey Bathroom Furniture. Each of these charming units are brought to you by one of the leading names in bathroom furniture across the UK. Crafted with expert skill and made to last for many years to come, each of these units comes in a range of sizes and shapes to ensure a comfortable and snug fit in any bathroom. Whether you're dwelling in a studio flat or lucky enough to own a number of bathrooms, this light coloured stone grey collection injects a unique twist of contemporary design into any home.

Priced affordably so as not to break the bank for anyone, these charming units contrast well with existing bathroom furniture or stand together for a truly beautiful final look. Discover the complete range here today and find your ideal bathroom furniture units.

Premier Shipton Back to Wall WC Toilet Unit 500mm Wide Stone Grey
£58.95 RRP: £153.00
SAVE 61%
Premier Shipton Wall Hung Tall Cabinet 300mm Wide - Stone Grey
£86.95 RRP: £180.00
SAVE 52%
Premier Shipton Floor Mounted Vanity Unit and Minimalist Basin 800mm Wide - Stone Grey 1 Tap Hole
£210.95 RRP: £255.13
SAVE 17%
Premier Shipton Bathroom Suite 1 Tap Hole Basin
£558.95 RRP: £818.00
SAVE 32%
Premier Shipton 2-Door Mirrored Cabinet, 600mm Wide, Stone Grey
£100.95 RRP: £219.00
SAVE 54%
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