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Premier Wastes and Accessories

The extensive range of wastes and accessories from Premier offers the perfect complement to your new bathroom suite, with several fittings available to complete the look of your bathroom. A selection of wastes for taps and baths can be found here, as well as shower accessories such as hooks, body jets and deck mounting legs for wall-mounted bath shower mixers. As you would expect from a quality brand such as Premier, each product comes with a comprehensive guarantee to give you totalm peace of mind after your purchase.

Premier WC Toilet Pans Floor Fixing Kit - Chrome/White
Premier Basin Fixing Bolt Set Pair

Premier Basin Fixing Bolt Set Pair

  • Product StockIn Stock
  • Delivery Icon3 Days
Premier 1850mm Profile Extension Kit - Polished Chrome
£25.95 RRP: £33.12
SAVE 22%
Premier Front Access Concealed Toilet Cistern, Dual Flush Button, Black
£26.95 RRP: £37.65
SAVE 28%
Ultra Freeflow Bath Filler, Pop-Up Waste and Overflow, Chrome
£39.95 RRP: £80.50
SAVE 50%
Premier Standard Wall Hung Toilet Frame

Premier Standard Wall Hung Toilet Frame

  • Product StockIn Stock
  • Delivery Icon3 Days
£96.95 RRP: £163.00
SAVE 41%
Premier Wall Hung Toilet Fixing Frame, Dual Flush Concealed Cistern, White
£113.95 RRP: £210.00
SAVE 46%
Premier Mid-Height Wall Hung Toilet Frame with Dual Flush Concealed Cistern
£168.95 RRP: £269.00
SAVE 37%
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