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Radox Image Designer Radiators

The mind-blowing Image and Image D radiators from Radox will take the style of your home to the next level, with one of the most sought-after styles on the market. With models constructed from mild steel and stainless steel, each model comes with a central or offset mirror, guaranteed to provide an effective heat output and practical solution all in one. Radox use unique production techniques to ensure the highest quality radiator is produced at an affordable price - giving you years of designer heating pleasure. Suitable for central heating systems as standard, the models can also be converted to dual-fuel or electric-only with the aid of the appropriate kit - see the Product Options tab or give us a call to discuss this.

Radox Image D Designer Vertical Radiator 1800mm H x 535mm W Textured Black
£1,093.56 RRP: £1,296.00
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