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Signature i10 Wet Room Shower Enclosure & Panels

If you secretly harbour a dream in which you shower beneath a stunning waterfall surrounded by only beauty and open space then we can certainly help to bring you a little closer to your dream.

The Signature i10 frameless clear glass panels can trick you into believing they are not really there whilst all the time protecting your towels and other bathroom necessities and furniture from stray shower spray. You can beautify your shower space by adding accessories tailored to your own taste and style and really create a feeling of the outdoors indoors.

The seamless panels are made with toughened safety glass that has been cured with an Aquashield treatment to keep it free from lime scale and soap scum build up and they can be installed on both shower trays and wet room floors.

They are available in a great range of sizes.

The walk in shower enclosures can be purchased with a 100% natural stone resin tray, and whilst you luxuriate in your mountain waterfall dream you can relax even further knowing that your surroundings come with a lifetime guarantee.

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