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Smiths Caspian Skyline Fan Convectors

The Smiths Caspian Skyline Fan Convectors work hard to remove excessive heat from any room and bring the temperature down to a suitable comfortable level. Available here at Heat and Plumb, these functional units are discreetly designed for installation within a recess and leaving only an understated vent on display.

Ideal for commercial properties such as schools or retail, make your choice a Smiths one today and rest easy with the knowledge that, not only are these useful units made to last but that they also come as standard with a 5 year guarantee for additional peace of mind.

Smiths Caspian Skyline AC Motors CT60 Ceiling Recessed Fan Convectors
£653.95 RRP: £1,005.48
SAVE 35%
Smiths Caspian Skyline EC Motors CT60 Ceiling Recessed Fan Convector
£823.95 RRP: £1,267.43
SAVE 35%

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