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Special Needs Toilets

Using the toilet can be a difficult process for people with limited mobility, with many relying on the help of a carer or having to make expensive modifications to their home. This collection of toilets is presented with independence in mind, whether it's a change as simple as a smaller toilet to allow easier wheelchair access or a more advanced toilet with cleaning and drying capabilities. RAK's stylish "Compact" range features slender dimensions that offer extra space for wheelchairs, making it easier to transfer to and from. RAK toilets make stylish additions to any home; accessibility doesn't have to come at the expense of style and lengthy 25 year guarantees make them a highly dependable choice. With close coupled, back to wall and wall hung variants in a bright alpine white finish, there's a "Compact" toilet for every home and every customer.

For users with limited dexterity, Geberit's "AquaClean" is a revolutionary toilet that offers an unprecedented degree of independence. Toilets with built-in bidets are increasingly popular in residences of people with limited mobility and the "AquaClean" takes this concept even further, creating a unit that functions as a toilet, washer and dryer all at once. The cleaning cycle is highly customisable, making "AquaClean" a versatile choice that can be adapted to meet customer requirements. This includes the ability to adjust the position of the spray arm, to change the water temperature and intensity and including a "Lady Wash" setting to assist with feminine hygiene. The "opto-remote" makes activating these functions essentially touch free, introducing independence and privacy into the daily lives of countless people who would otherwise be unable to enjoy them.

RAK Compact Special Needs Back to Wall Toilet WC 750mm Projection - Ring Seat
£311.95 RRP: £571.50
SAVE 45%
RAK Compact Special Needs Back to Wall Toilet WC 700mm Projection - Ring Seat
£311.95 RRP: £571.50
SAVE 45%
RAK Compact Special Needs Wall Hung Toilet WC 700mm Projection - Ring Seat
£321.95 RRP: £592.50
SAVE 46%
RAK Compact Special Needs Close Coupled Toilet with Lever Cistern - Ring Seat
£418.95 RRP: £778.51
SAVE 46%
Geberit AquaClean 8000 Plus Care Close Coupled Toilet
£4019.95 RRP: £4894.18
SAVE 18%
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