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Ultra Fixed Shower Heads

The Ultra range of fixed shower heads are designed to be installed alongside a ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted shower arm - which is sometimes supplied with the head. With various styles of shower head available, you will be able to find a fixed head to complement your brand new shower valve. The standard size of fixed head is roughly 200mm x 200mm, but many larger sizes are available including traditional drencher heads and shower roses.

Ultra LED Round Fixed Shower Head, 200mm Diameter, Chrome
£71.95 RRP: £166.00
SAVE 57%
Ultra LED Square Fixed Shower Head, 200mm x 200mm, Chrome
£75.00 RRP: £166.00
SAVE 55%
Ultra LED Round Fixed Shower Head, 300mm Diameter, Chrome
£126.95 RRP: £226.00
SAVE 44%
Ultra LED Square Fixed Shower Head, 300mm x 300mm, Chrome
£129.95 RRP: £226.00
SAVE 43%
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